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Andre Krigar

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    Nächtliche Spiegelung im Haven (Maassluis)
    € 3750.-
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    Nächtliche Spiegelung (Maassluis)
    € 3250.-

André Krigar 1952, Berlin) is a Modern German realist. He studied painting at the Berlin Hochschule der Künste. Since 1992 he joined the ‘Norddeutschen Realists’.

Krigar has an expressive style using oil on linen. A reoccurring themes are wide and vast landscapes as well as the huzzle and the bustle of the Berlin city life, where he currently lives and works. He is a true  plein air artist.

In 2008 Krigar won the Rembrandt Painting Award in Noordwijk. In 2013 North German Realists received a prestigious art price, the Kunstpreis der Schleswig-Holsteinischen Wirtschaft.