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Frans Bianchi

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    Rotterdam Kop van Zuid

Duality is the secret of true art, according to Frans Bianchi. Dualism can be translated into many aspects of a painting, such as its colours or its composition. Duality is the core of Bianchi’s work: contours and lines seem to be placed swiftly, and even though they are placed in perspective, they are not clearly determining boundaries. His lines dance on canvas, in fragile coherence. The colours connect and bind, they create the composition in all their contrasts and brightness.

Frans Bianchi met Jason Berger in Normandië, France. They recognized in each other kindred spirits. Together they coined the term dualism as the core of their resembling painting styles. Frans Bianchi’s out of the ordinary life and thrill seeking passed have inspired him to paint.

Encounters and confrontations are inseparable from Bianchi’s life and personality. In real life as in his art he searches for boundaries, between abstract and figurative, playing with the rules of perspective and composition. This determines a true ‘Bianchi’.